ASVAB Practice Test

ASVAB Practice Test

All your life, you dreamed to be in the Air Force, and now you want to get ready, so you know asvab scores are really important in order to get there. Of course, in order to get a good score, you have to do asvab practice tests and especially asvab practice test for Air Force. Trouble is, there is so many information out there and so many asvab practice tests, how can I know which one to choose and what makes them different?

Well, any ASVAB test has ten sections, four of which are relevant for any specialty – those are Word Knowledge, Arithmetic Reasoning, Paragraph Comprehension, and Mathematics Knowledge. You need to have good scores in these four tests no matter what you wish to become in the Army. For this reason, it is very good to check that the asvab practice test you get can really teach you how to score well in any of those areas.

Also, if you know from your personal experience that you have some issues with one of these four fields – maybe in school Math was not at all your favorite and you are worried about your result in Mathematics Knowledge, or maybe you were good at math but really did not get all those fancy words, so you wonder how to get a nice score at Word Knowledge – you should make sure your chosen test stresses out that particular section.

Now, for the part that interests you most – specific asvab practice test for Air Force requests. If your scores at the four essential tests are good, they take the results you have at the other six tests and split them in groups they call qualifications.

For the Air Force, they use four groups – General, Mechanical, Administrative and Electrical. If you already know what you want to do in your Air Force career, you should check the specific position and see in which of these qualification groups you find it. After that you can then see what the minimum asvab score you need to get is.
For example, if you want to get a position as Combat Control, you need a General qualifications score of 44. For the General Qualification, they take into account the Word Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension and Arithmetic Reasoning. So the asvab practice test you choose should help you with these three areas, and you can get your dream job.
If you want to be an Aerial Gunner, then you need a score of at least 60 in Mechanical or 45 in Electrical qualification. The Mechanical qualification is calculated based upon the Mechanical Comprehension, General Science and Auto & Shop Information tests. Your Auto & Shop Information score is taken into account twice. The Electrical qualification is based upon scores from the Arithmetic Reasoning, Electronics Information, General Science, and Mathematics Knowledge tests. This area is definitely suited for you if you are really good at Math and technical things, and you should be sure you practice enough the tests in order to get that good score.

If you want to work in Logistic plans, you need an Administrative qualification score of 56, which is calculated from the tests for Numerical Operations, Word Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension and Coding Speed.

After hearing all these things about scores and testing, do not let it overwhelm you. Yes, nobody really likes exams and tests. Yes, some parts of it might be difficult and demanding. But then, everything in life is a test, so the best idea is to gather up your courage and really start practicing for a great asvab score. After all, nobody was born knowing everything and this is why this particular asvab practice test was designed to accent all those subjects you will need to get a good score, to teach you exactly what you need to know.

Since you are here, it means you really want to become that wonderful Air Force man or woman, to be proud to wear the uniform, to work in a challenging environment and gain the respect of your friends and family, of everybody who will feel safer knowing our country is really protected. You have the chance to make them all proud; all you have to do is use the asvab practice test and get better!